grenzenlose freiheit

interactive sound installation

»grenzenlose freiheit« in geneva: inscription


the »grenzenlose freiheit« has been inscribed into three contiguous spaces in the basement of the "maison communale de plainpalais". the first room was a recently renovated, quite ritzy room with green built-in cupboards, the "salle de veillées", neighboring a completely different room with raw plastered walls, which was situated directly under the stage of the concert hall in the ground floor. at the ceiling there was situated a wooden seat for the prompter, since the building once was a theatre. the third room is a "normal" basement room with whitewashed walls and an interesting triangular cut.

a major aspect of the geneva version of the »grenzenlose freiheit« has been the different room acoustics again. additionally, the optical impression of one room was completely incommensurate with the others', which supported our approach of making different spaces available for intensive experience. to accentuate this, we attached importance to the light situation, too.

the first, ritzy room was left in the open atmosphere in which we found it. we used six red plastic chairs in a single line to create the atmosphere of a waiting room. depending on the time of the day and the light situation, the blinds were left closed half. thus a quite sharp line dividing light and dark appeared on the green floor of the room. the second room, which was situated under the stage, was kept in te atmosphere of an attic. mounted at the wooden ceiling, we installed a line of nine naked bulbs hanging down to the visitors' heads. they were strongly dimmed until the filament was visible red glowing. the third's, triangular room's cold basement atmosphere was picked up by using it's original neon lights: covered with blue light foil to emphasize their coldness.

according to our concept of travelling, for the geneva version of the installation sound material recorded in berlin was used. the aesthetical work targeted at the creation of urban atmospheres inside a somehow disparate environment which is augmented by the virtual space provided by the user interface. the social aspect of the collective control over a sound installation got touched once more by the work with social rooms.

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